Critical B2B Marketing Stats for 2021

59% of B2B companies outsource their marketing activities to freelancers, agencies, and other external sources.

Typically, these companies would hire their marketing team full-time and have their marketing in-house but with the pandemic, companies have been opting to hire external talent on a contract basis to minimize risk.

50% of B2B Marketers outsource at least one major content marketing activity

84% get help with the content creation component with 31% getting help on the distribution of content.

Only 8% allocate more than 15% of their budgets to marketing!

Even though marketing fuels the sales process and provides a consistent form of leads and sales, companies still grossly underspend on marketing.

50% of content created by B2B marketers is focused on driving awareness and interest

There are still some B2B marketers who think that “professional” content will get them more attention. The truth is that B2B buyers are still human!

Only 3% Of B2B Companies Achieve Marketing Goals

74% of marketers set goals but only 3% always achieve them.

80% Of B2B Social Leads Come Through Linkedin

With Linkedin being geared towards professionals, it comes as no surprise that the vast majority of social leads originate through Linkedin.

95% of B2B Companies Utilize Social Media Content

Social media content is the most widely-used content type. 19 out of 20 B2B marketers use this hoping to influence buyers.

59% of B2B Marketers Claim That Email Is Their Top Revenue Channel

As a seasoned marketer, this comes as no surprise. Email is still the most cost effective way to get in front of prospects and to convert them into paying customers. This by far gets the best ROI in comparison to other available channels.

The average B2B buyer conducts 12 different online searches before interacting with a website

This proves that having a single piece of valuable content is not enough.

List content pieces get 218% more shares than “how to” or tutorial-style posts.

Tech buyers think that video is the most useful form of content

Most immediately think of content as being in written form like a blog, a report or a case study. Most b2b buyers don’t necessarily prefer this form of content. More than half of B2B tech buyers had voted video content being the most the useful content form.

70% of B2B buyers watch videos!

A surprising amount of video content is consumed by b2b buyers throughout their sales journey according to Google. To accompany this stat, 87% of business related video views are done on desktop.



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Jacques Groenewald

Jacques Groenewald

Digital Entrepreneur, Father and Husband.Obsessed with developing PROVEN marketing systems and processes for service based businesses that want to rapidly scale